Regina Drummond

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Regina Drummond

Mundo Mirim Publishers, SP
Translated by Silvia Zanette Guimarães
For children up to 5


Many people believe life as an angel is easy. It would be nice if it was like that...

Lili and Didi are the guardian angels of two siblings, ages two and five, Aline and Diego, and they live in a house full of dangers. But Lili and Didi are always there, to protect them.

I mean, Lili is a distracted angel, she loves poetry and forgets about everything when she gets a book, overburdening Didi, who has to help taking care of Aline, afterall the angels are always good. Everything would be perfect if Didi wasn't such a clutz...

During the day they save the kids from all the domestic dangers; at night they fly over their beds where they sleep, scaring monsters and looking for sweet dreams in the stars.

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Page 4
Many people would think life as an angel is great, just playing, singing and playing the flute in the clouds...
"I wish", sighed Lili and Didi.
Quite sure!
They are the guardian angels of two siblings, ages two and five, Aline and Diego, and they live in a house full of dangers. As it wasn't enough, these kids are two mischiefs, they come up with some ideas, nobody would believe. But Lili and Didi are always there, to protect them.

Page 5
I mean, Lili is an absented minded angel, who loves poetry. So Didi needs to help her help Aline, because angels are always good.
Everything would be perfect if Didi weren't sort of a clutz.

Page 6
And the day begins!
Diego opens his eyes and makes his first request:
"I want ma boddle!"
The little angel raises his wings and waits.
Diego thinks his bottle is taking too long and decides to go get it. He reaches the top of his crib with his little leg and throws the rest of his body over it...
There goes Didi, flying, he puts a pillow exactly where Diego is about to fall, but she is only able to protect his head.
The screaming brings help right away.

Page 7
And they all go to the kitchen: Diego in the lap, Didi flying, caring no to hit the lamp. Didi is a light point, his body is made of a different matter, can cross walls, runs, flies, faster than a thought.
From his high chair Diego sees a shinny and pointy object blinking to him. He reaches trying to grab it.
The angel knows it is dangerous, try to call the nanny's attention but she is busy and doesn't pay attention to him.

Page 8
In the room at the end of the hall, Aline wakes up. Distracted trying to copy a new poem, Lili doesn't even realize it.

Page 9
Aline gets up from the bed, goes to the bathroom, and while she uses the potty she looks the cabinet's doors wondering what might be inside.
She already knows: medicines, pain killers, cough syrups, lotions. Colorful. Aromatic. Beautiful. She wants to take a look. Maybe try one or two.

Page 10
Busy with Diego, Didi forgets Lili. And Lili forgets the world.

Page 11
All of a sudden, a big noise in the kitchen: The high chair fell! Didi had time only to hold Diego against the seat.
"Luckily it was just the shock! The boy didn't get hurt!", shout the girl, relieved.
We can't say the same about the poor angel!
When he tried to help Diego, the high chair fell on his wing and he is scared hiding behind the door. But he doesn't need to hide, angels can't be seen by adults.
The baby sees the angel, points and talks in his gibberish language, nobody can understand him well. And he can't get closer as he is now tightly fastened to the chair.

Page 12
In the bathroom Aline climbs the stool and opens the cabinet. Stretches and grabs the bottle of cough syrup.
When she doesn't see Aline in her bed, Lili looks for her around the house, looking thru the walls like only angels can do.

Page 13
Shows up in the bathroom in a hurry, flying low. Aline shakes with the sound of Lili's wings and the bottle slips from her hands.
The bottle falls in the floor and breaks.
The syrup is red.
The syrup looks like blood.
Her mom comes fast to the bathroom and gets very scared. Lili gets a little scared. Aline doesn't get scared at all.

Page 14
Brother and sister go playing. Didi and Lili watch them from above. Diego finds a piece of metal in the floor and tries to put in the light socket. The angel tries to call his attention.

Page 15
Lili whispers something on Aline's ear and she screams:
"No, Diego! You can't!"
Mom takes the piece of metal from his hand.
Diego doesn't complain. Gets a little toy car and goes:
The angel sighs relieved.

Page 16
Lili sees a book in the floor.
A poetry book!
She reads the poem and thinks:
"So beautiful..."

Page 18
Aline gets the book, but she doesn't know how to read. She memorizes it already.

Page 19
And they both laughed a lot, imagining the scene described by the poet.

Page 20
Diego gets tired of his toy. That is no surprise. Maybe a little cartoon on tv...
The tv doesn't turn on. Aline wants to help and touch the plug.
"No!!!", says Didi.
Aline doesn't pay attention to the angel.
Lili is reading a book.

Page 21
Didi comes running, it seems she will drop the drink cart but is Aline who drops the bottles.
A lot of noise.
Nothing breaks.
Mom puts all back in place.
She turns the tv on.

Page 22
Aline tries to get the vase on the shelf. It's heavy and fall. The angel is able to push it, but it falls close to Diegos's head.
Aline gets a fright. Diego gets two frights. Lili gets three frights.
"Thanks, Didi!"
Mom gets really upset.

Page 23
Lili speaks softly at mom's ear:
"It's not important, they are kids... You can buy another one."
Mom stops fighting, gets calm all of a sudden:
"No problem! What really matters is that nobody got hurt!"

Page 24
Aline and Diego stayed quiet for five minutes!
So Lili and Didi had five minutes to rest.
Diego gets bored watching tv. Decides to see outside.Climbs the chair. From the chair to the bookcase, from the bookcase to the window.
Didi holds on to the window. The angel knows it's loose.

Page 25
"Diego!", screams Aline.
Diego crushes on the table.
The angel flies, awkwardly and holds the boy's head.
Diego looks to the angel and smiles.
"I am okay, mom!", Aline answers ever before asked.

Page 26
When the night falls in the mountain and spreads thorough the house, the siblings get ready to sleep. They want stories, they want music, and they want love. Their mom lays on the floor, between the bed and the crib, and starts to sing softly a song.

Page 27
Diego's eyes are getting heavy...
Aline hears her mother say:
- Once upon a time...
And the dreams come to get them, gently...

Page 28
Thereon the monsters get ready: it's time to tackle!
Lili and Didi are watching. They are not going to let anything disturb their rest. Without a noise they fly over the beds, scaring the monsters with their pointy and white wings. They seek on the stars the sweetest dreams and blow, carefully, to the sleeping kids faces.

Page 29
Lili and Didi are happy. They know they've accomplished their mission.
Aline and Diego are happy as well. They know they are being protected.

Page 30
And, tomorrow, everything starts all over again!

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