Regina Drummond

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Regina Drummond & Rosana Rios

Melhoramentos Publishing House
For teenagers


Have you already stopped to think that everything in the world happens in cycles?

Everything has beginning, middle and end... and a resurrection...

Here, in the Southern Hemisphere, the year begins in the summer, hot and sunny; after it, it comes the autumn, when the cold is near and the leaves begin to fall from the trees... Then, it comes the cold winter, bringing to the northern countries the snow, to the southern countries an intense cold. But the winter doesn’t last forever, because soon it finishes and the spring comes, inviting the heat of the sun to come back, promising new life, new beginnings.

The tales in this book also follow that cycle. In each one, you will feel cold, the Wind, the perfume, or the heat of each season; you will also feel a thrill of fear, because all the stories are full of suspense. They bring mysteries, enigmas and conflicts which need to be unveiled.

The stories are complete and present a strong and plausible end, but open to other possibilities. If you don’t like the solutions given by the authors, you can write another one! For this, you will find tips and suggestions on the elements of each tale.

This is the invitation we make to the readers of this Four Seasons of Death and Four Seasons of Awe; join us and become an author of suspense stories, too!

But take care: you can get stuck in your own story. And escaping the clutches of fiction can be very, very difficult.

Good reading... and good luck!

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